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Thrive Housing is a housing and community development initiative that aims to connect under-resourced families with mission-minded Jesus followers in Spokane. These intentional communities would provide cost effective housing and opportunities for life giving friendship and learning experiences. They needed a custom brand that would appeal to the families they work with and set them apart in the non-profit world.

Thrive Housing is a fresh start – the chance to walk into something new, something safe and secure. It provides opportunities for at-risk families to experience stability both physically and relationally. Yet, they are not the charity case. All parties involved have something to give and something to gain from living in intentional community together. This brand seeks to communicate opportunity. The doorway is the opportunity for something new, a safe haven, a place to rest, a direction toward progress (individually and as a society), and an open door that welcomes all who stand before it. Thrive housing communicates something uniquely hopeful and uniquely accepting.
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“Brooke was tasked with developing a logo and brand identity for a non-profit start-up I am working with, and did a phenomenal job of understanding our culture, vibe, and mission. She generated multiple ideas that helped us hone the perfect design in a reasonable and limited number of review cycles. Her deliverables at the end of the project were comprehensive and just what was needed. I highly recommend her!”

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