The Lincoln Invitational

The Lincoln Invitational is a competition for the highest caliber athletes east of the Cascades. In honor of President Lincoln, “Lincoln” was s a proposed state name for parts of the Northwest following the Civil War. The name subtly references the geographical region and sets the tone for the design. The primary target market is high caliber Crossfit competitors in the Northwest region (east of the Cascades), ages 20 – 40. Brand recognition within the Crossfit community is also desired.

This design captures the iconic character of Abe Lincoln while maintaining a current, clean, and classic design aesthetic. The primary logo concept relies on the type face to portray a bold, strong, modern look. The simplicity of this concept leaves room for wit and creativity throughout apparel, print, and digital design. The star, axe, and top hat are design elements that reference Abe Lincoln’s iconic character (The Great Emancipator, Rail Splitter, Honest Abe, etc.) as well as the strength and competitive nature of Crossfit without direct workout references. These elements can be used interchangeably throughout event marketing