The Call to Work

Partnering with purposeful organizations is the best part of my job and The Call to Work is no exception.

This workshop based experience teaches people how to approach daily work issues and opportunities with more of God’s purpose, wisdom, peace, joy and power.

Tracy and I connected when she was in need of a logo, but our work together now includes the creation of branding & marketing materials, workbooks, presentation slides, a website, and the work continues!

The Call to Work seeks to capture a broad audience of workers – from moms to CEOs to creatives to college students – while still maintaining a professional look. The brand is composed of bright and clean visuals that portray the light within each person from their creator, God’s greater purpose, and help communicate the course’s content clearly.

Tracy needed a cohesive design that could change and grow as the organization gains speed. It is my pleasure to work with them consistently and have a front row seat to watching their amazing work take place.

Sampling of projection slides from The Call to Work Practice Module: