The passion behind this brand is one that hits home for me. My family has called Rancho Largo Cattle Company home for over 20 years. When they decided to sell beef privately, I jumped at the chance to create a branding presence. Rancho Largo Custom Beef values the land first. This is their passion and the design for this brand exemplifies that passion. 



There are countless schools of thought on what beef does to our bodies and to the environment. The past two decades at Rancho Largo is evidence of the power of sustainable ranching. The goal of this brand is to share this passion, educate others on the unique role ranching plays in our ecosystem, and provide quality beef that leaves consumers confident in its source and its flavor.

Brand Essence

RLCB will always be a family based ranch deeply rooted in a rural community. From this foundation, they tell a unique story about food and the role that beef plays in sustainability.

Behind the Logo

The Spanish Peaks are what overshadow the grasslands where cattle are born, raised, and harvested. They symbolize the protection and stewardship of the land, as well as the boldness with which RLCB rises above the status quo in pursuit of excellent stewardship, despite any ranching norms . The Gramma Grass is what ensures a nutrient dense meal for a well-fed animal. Healthy land produces healthy grass, and forage health is essential to the production process.