Beth was after a no-frills website; clean, simple, beautiful and efficient. So, I got  to work creating an aesthetic that portrayed professionalism and simplicity, yet wove parts of her counseling practice into the design in subtle ways. Her favorite photo from my research was one with tree rings lined up against one another. The tree rings speak to the layers of time and experience that her clients have that lead them to her practice. The final look of the brand would not necessarily bring trees to mind…However, that process of meaning and discovery is so crucial to the final result – an ultra-clean look steeped in intentionality.

I also designed all of Beth’s intake forms for her website – a task I LOVE. Organizing large amounts of text and information to be clear, concise, and beautiful to the eye is very satisfying to me. This process helps continue the brand experience for the client from the time they first inquire about her services to the point that they step into her office.