Averson is about creating designs with intent.

What does that mean exactly…
Intention requires purpose. A sense of direction. The determination to do _________.

You run your organization with a sense of purpose.

Why should your brand be any different?




With intention behind it, a brand can communicate who you are and what you’re about to your ideal client. They are attracted to your “why” because the brand itself embodies it. You’re proud of what you do. It’s time that your brand reflect your hard work.

Feeling the need for a refresh? Or maybe an entire redo? You’re in luck!

Whether its a website that communicates your message or a brand that captures the integrity and character of your work, Averson seeks to join you in your passion – to meet you there and create something with just as much purpose.

Meet the Designer

Hi, I’m Brooke Grissom. Nice to meet you! I’m the designer behind Averson. I never expected graphic design to be in the cards for me. But when a job opportunity came my way senior year of college, I jumped into the world of Adobe and Pantone colors and never looked back. It has been a better fit than I could have imagined. I love the balance of technicality and artistry that design requires, and it’s ever changing nuances. There’s always more to learn. Yet behind the change, the principals stay the same. Good design is simply good. It stands the test of trends and time. 
What I love most about design is the chance to work with genuine people. I have sometimes questioned whether design work could be a catalyst for the kind of change I want to be a part of. But change happens through people, and these people need to be seen and heard. There are good, genuine, folks doing incredible things that hold deep purpose and intent. I strive to create designs with that same kind of intent. It’s an honor to be a part the good they are doing in this way.
Why Averson?
Averson gets its name from a canyon. That might seem random, because it is. But Averson Canyon happens to be one of my favorite places in the world. It is located on my family’s cattle ranch in southern Colorado. The rugged, natural beauty is sacred to me. Whether I come there in need of inspiration, or peace and solace, the place has a way of meeting me where I need it most. Plus, I happen to like the name. So that helps.